Love Story Sample

UNIVERSTIY 13 years ago a journey into the unknown began, and with it a certain feeling that hasn't left us again... DAN & SARAH 8/5/2019

...since living off LOVE & AIR couldn't last forever, work and the first shared flat brought us even closer together

and even louder new corners of the world start to call ...Vienna soon proves to be just too small,

...traveling together is a passion we share, PARIS was waiting to show us her flair

...different CULTURES to shape us in many wonderful ways, but also to lead our relationship astray

Our LOVE didn't get away without more than a bruise & scratch, and there was, yes, a time that called for detach

...this moment revealed so very much to us, from then on we shared the same goal - CONSCIOUSNESS -

The QUESTION became clear whilst our journey progressed, and we decided for each other with a clear doubtless Y E S S S!!! DAN & SARAH 8/5/2019 Wedding Party

Hang loose while the amazing story
"Love Story"
is prepared for you...